Packed for Europe


        At this very moment I am on a train bound for Vancouver, British Columbia. There I will see my family for a mere few weeks before Ashleigh and I depart for Norway, and where we will also be attending the wedding of my dear oldest sister Sarah and her groom Xavier.

Now all I have left for possesions are carefully rolled up, folded, and stuffed into my hiking backpack. Everything else has been sold, given away, or left behind. No more Xbox, sniff sniff. There goes my sword collection, sniff sniff SNUCK. I’m sure Ashleigh’s going to miss all her dresses and shoes. But what a pain in the ass it would be if we had to lug wheeled suitcases across, say, the Scottish Highlands; it’s just not sensible. So, trying to be as minimalist as possible, we’ve carefully selected practical articles of clothing and a few personal items. We also have our camping gear: our tent, sleeping bags, tarps, etc. as camping will be a major part of our trip, and even though it may weigh us down I think it will get a lot of use.

If anybody is interested in ever going on an extended backpacking/hiking trip, we’ve spread out all of our gear and written a list for you to look at to perhaps give you some ideas.

Nathanael's Gear

Nathanael’s Gear

*Starting from top, left to right


  • hiking pack

  • wide brimmed hat

  • coat

  • sweater

  • sleeping Bag

  • tent

  • two pairs of jeans

  • long johns (tops)

  • shorts

  • four t-shirts

  • running shoes

  • netbook computer

  • wool socks

  • long johns (bottoms)

  • notebook

  • scarf

  • small backpack

  • tarps

  • passport

  • cards

  • knife

  • multitool

  • small folding saw

  • battery charger

  • LED flashlight

  • small cooking pot

  • harmonica

  • frenchpress coffeemaker/tea

  • gps

  • pipe and tobacco

Ashleigh's Gear

Ashleigh’s Gear


  • Hiking backpack

  • air mattress

  • sleeping bag

  • raingear top and bottom

  • coat

  • hiking boots

  • sweater

  • pajamas

  • five shirts/four tanktops

  • 3 pairs of pants/ long johns

  • running shoes

  • small backpack

  • scarf/mits/touque

  • journals

  • travel guides

  • Nintendo DS/KOBO reader

  • socks

  • water bottle

  • flashlight

  • water purifiers

  • towel

  • collapsable bowl

  • tarp/waterproof bag

  • bathing suit

Once our trip begins we may find we’re carrying too much gear, or maybe we’ll find it’s not enough, but it’s all part of the learning EXPERIENCE. It’s better to try not to worry about every little detail. We’ll be like water, adaptable and ever-changing, on a path that’s unpredictable.


  1. I am so excited for you two! I hope all your gear serves you well 🙂 Enjoy your train trip!

  2. Sarah Weir-Wakely

    Very excited to keep reading this as your adventure unfolds! See you soon!

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